Academy for mountaineering and adventure Sports (AMAS), Kerala
Academy for Mountaineering & Adventure SportsFly high!Experience the thrills on water!Be tough! Conquer your fearsCamping outdoors is fun!All on yourself! Row hard!Pick your Gear. Join Us!
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Nature is meant to be experienced in person. Bring yourself to the wild bosom of nature, for building self confidence and understand teamwork. We can take you to the lap of Mother Earth.

The Academy for mountaineering and Adventure Sports (AMAS) was founded in 2006 by Mr. C. Rajendran, a dedicated and committed National Level Trained Adventure Activist. It is a non-profit voluntary organization working in the south end of Thiruvananthapuram (District) in Kerala state, South India.

AMAS is committed to the promotion of adventure amongst the youth and it extend the services to interested adventure lovers, any individual, institutions, corporate, clubs, Government and other non-Governmental organizations.

The Academy has been conducting different types of adventure programs since its inception. Our motto is 'Adventure for health and happiness'. The organization is not having any political interests and function withoug any religious, caste or color differences. The academy has developed into a prestigious organization providing excellent training facilities and programs for adventure sports besides activities on the campus, outdoor activities like mountaineering, rock climbing, trekking, water sports, rappelling, river crossing, coastal trekking, nature study, jungle camping, para gliding, yoga, meditation, martial arts, leadership training programs, first aid training, swimming, life saving skills, disaster management training, etc. We can proudly say that we are the only full fledged amateur adventure training institution in Kerala, equipped to organize adventure and nature trail activities in the hills & coasts of Kerala, throughout the year.

Apart from the above, we provide facilities for adventure tourism.

Browse through our site to know more about us and our activities, which you can be a part of!