Academy for mountaineering and adventure Sports (AMAS), Kerala
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Special Programmes

State level adventure camp – Alappuzha
Nehru Yuva Kendra in association with Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports conducted state level adventure camp at Vijay Park, Alappuzha, from November 14th 2012 to November 20th 2012.

State level adventure camp – Wayanad
Nehru Yuva Kendra in association with Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports conducted state level adventure training camp from 2012 November 1st to 2012 November 7th in Wayanad District. Upbringing of adventure among youth was one of the primary objectives of the camp.

River Basin Youth Adventure Expo 2010(Puzha Ariyum Yathra)
First time in the history of Kerala, all the 44 river basins were explored from its very origin, for 22 days. The programme was conducted as part of academy's State Level Nature Preservation Campaign with 'Save River Save Planet' as motto, in association with several Govt.agencies. It started from Neyyar in Trivandrum and covered Western Ghats and Kasargod and returned to Trivandrum via Coastal Kerala.

Adventure Carnival 2010
A 7-day long Adventure Carnival was organized by the Academy in association with NYK, Kerala State Youth Welfare Board and other local govt. bodies to build up the capacity of youth in all walks of life, especially in Self Confidence, Courage, Adventure sports, Personality development etc. Various adventure items like high ropes, fibre wall, hot air ballooning, parasailing, water zorbing, land zorbing ball, paragliding, banana boat riding, etc were organized as part of the event.

Adventure Fest 2008
For fostering the physical ability and the adventurous spirit of the young generation, the Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports, with the help and cooperation of the state youth welfare centre, organized and conducted a programme named Adventure Fest 18th Feb to 24th Feb,2008. The trekking programme included not only both the mountain rainges of Kerala but the neighbouring state of Tamil Nadu too, through the forests. Trekking, Rock Climbing, River Valley Crossing, Coastal Trekking and Cooking without utensils were conducted in the event. Exciting adventure bases added spice to the fest

Swimming Course, 5-12 Feb 2009
Under the auspices of Nehru Yuva Kendra with the cooperation of the Centre for Rural Environment Studies, Swimming Course was conducted by AMAS at Venganoor Pond from 5th to 21st February 2009. Swimming training was given to students everyday, 2 hours each in the morning and evening. The programme also included courses on health rules, leadership qualities, personality development,etc and adventure activities by the academy.

Disaster Management Course, 19-23 Mar 2009
A disaster management course was organized by AMAS with full support and cooperation of Nehru Yuva Kendra, from 19th to 23rd March 2009. The course went on baring on a definite programme chalked out by the leaders, with the help of the staff. Both theory and practicals were given to the trainees, experts took sessions on various topics. The demonstration made by the fire force was thrilling and informative at the same time. Most topics related to disaster management such as exit drill, messenger services, rehabilitation carrying methods of casualities, pioneering projects, signalling, traffic control, etc were handled very clearly and effectively

Freedom Struggle Message Spreading Expedition
As part of the 150th Annual celebrations of the memorable Sepoy Mutiny, the first war of Indian Independence,1857, an expedition to spread the message of freedom struggle in India including streetplay was planned and executed from 10.04.2007 to 13.04.2007 under the auspicous of Nehru Yuva Kendra, Trivandrum. As part of the expedition, the group was able to exhibit street dramas in about 40places in the 12blocks of Trivandrum district. The group visited the native places of various freedom fighters, spread the message and collected soil. The soil was collected in order to display at the Freedom Sangamam at Delhi on May 7th 2007.

Coastal Trekking Programme
AMAS organized a coastal trekking camp from Kovalam to Cape Comorin from April 16-19th 2007. The treking which started from Kovalam, passed through many coastal places viz. Vizhinjam, Chowara, Azhimala, Poovar, Pozhikkara, Kollamkode, Neerod, Erayimman Thura, Kulachal, Mandakkad and then to Cape Comorin via Manavalakurichi. The camp was a unique experience for the contestants and well enjoyed.

National Integration Festival and Martyr's Day Celebration Exhibition from 30.1.2009 to 03.02.2009
Neyyattinkara Municipality Field exhibition division of Central Govt, NYK song and drama division, central film division, Indian council of Gandhian Studies and AMAS jointly conducted an exhibition with the theme of 'One Nation One India' in connection with 61st Martyr's Day at Swadesabhimani Town hall, Neyyattinkara. The exhibition was open to school children and the public from 9AM-5PM. All the schools and colleges in the proximity received the exhibition well.

Cycle Rally against Terrorism
The young adventurers of AMAS conducted a cycle rally on 4th Nov from Parassala to Gandhipark, Trivandrum. The rally was conducted with the help of Nehru Yuva Kendra walking under the Ministry of Youth Affairs, AMAS and Chachaji Youth Club, Paliyode. The motto of the Cycle Rally with 50 participants was youth against terrorism.

Blood Donation Programme
With the support of the Child Development Centre, AMAS organized a blood donation programme on 12.06.2008. The venue of the programme was BS & G Headquarters, Neyyattinkara. Besides AMAS volunteers, many people from the general public also turned up for donation. This initiative was a part of community development programme of AMAS.

Adventure Carnival 2009
AMAS, in association with Kerala State Youth Welfare Board, 'Adventure Carnival' was organized from 15-19th Oct 2009. The programme consisted of various land, water and air activities. Route march with more than 500 people, adventure bases training, and other adventure activities including Parasailing, Kayaking, Canoeing etc were conducted.