State level adventure camp – Alappuzha

Nehru Yuva Kendra in association with Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports conducted state level adventure camp at Vijay Park, Alappuzha, from November 14th 2012 to November 20th 2012.

The camp began at 14th Nov, 9AM, with registration, followed by the first session instructing the participants about the aims and objectives of the camp. At 2PM in the afternoon, District Tourism Promotion Council member Sr. C. Pradeep flagged off the Youth Adventure Rally, from Vijay Park to Alappuzha town. Nehru Yuva Kendra Deputy Director Dr.V. Rajasenan Nair, District Youth Coordinator Sri. Jain George, AMAS Chairman, Sri. M.C.Ramadas, Nehru Yuva Kendra District Advisory Committee member Sri.P.N.Indrasenan and AMAS Director & leader of the camp Sri. C. Rajendran addressed the gathering. In the following session, Sr. Tom Joseph, Technical Expert, AMAS, introduced equipments to the participants. The day’s activities concluded with Camp Fire later at night.

On 15th, activities started with exercise in the morning. Later, participants of the camp divided as 4 groups built various adventure bases in the premises of Vazhicheri canal, Alappuzha. Municipal Counselor Sri. A. Shanavas inaugurated the adventure base activities at 10.30AM. Participants enthusiastically participated in adventurous low and high rope activities such as River crossing, Swinging valley crossing, Flying fox, Burma Bridge, Commando net, Commando Bridge, etc. At 3PM, participants visited Sai Water Sports training centre, Punnamada and Dragon boat centre and got trained in Dragon boat riding. Later at night, the day concluded with campfire at the campsite.

As on any other energetic day, on 16th Nov, the day began with exercises. The participants then travelled to Muhamma. Kanjikuzhy Block Panchayat President Priyeshkumar flagged off the backwater expedition in Vembanad lake, which started from Muhamma and went on to cover various places such as Pathiramanal, Kumarakom, Kanjiram, Aaru block, Chambakkulam, Kainakari and Punnamada. Trekking in the renowned bird sanctuaries of Pathiramanal – Kumarakom was one of a kind experience for the adventurers. Later in the day, the campers reached back at campsite and gave themselves away at campfire to celebrate an eventful day.

17th of November 2012 started with Yoga. Sri. K. Krishnadas, Yoga Instructor, AMAS led the session. Campers went on for beach trekking later. Starting at 10AM, various beach and team games such as helium stick, website game etc kept the campers engaged.

At 2PM, Sri. K. C. Venugopal, Union Minister of State, Civil Aviation inaugurated the camp formally and the parasailing event by daring to fly in Parachute at heights of around 200 ft above sea level. Alappuzha Municipal Chairperson Smt. Mercy Diana Maxido presided over the function and Sri.V.S. Vishnu ; Counselor, Sri. S. Satheesh ; Zonal Director, Adv.Sri.Manjavilakam Jayan ; State Advisory Committee member, Sri. Devadath. C. Purakkad, Sri. P.N. Indrasenan ; members DYCP, Sri. M.C.Ramadas; Chairman AMAS, Sri. Jain George, District Youth Coordinator and Sri. C. Rajendran, Direcor, AMAS addressed the gathering. Adventurers then flew like never before in the parasailing activities. Day ended with campfire at night.

18th Nov : Day began with exercise, followed by campers participating in ‘Trust Fall’ on the beach. After a few team games, campers were set en route Cheruthanakadavu, Harippad. At 4 PM, Harippad Block Panchayat Member Sr. M. R. Harikumar inaugurated the water adventure activities at Cheruthanakadavu. Cheruthana Panchayath President Sri. Chandran presided over the function and Panchayat members Sri. Harikumar, Sri. George Kutty, Sri. Ilias, Nehru Yuva Kendra Advisory Committee Member Adv.Sri. Manjavilakam Jayan, District youth coordinator Jain George, AMAS Director Sri.C.Rajendran and AMAS PRO Sri.S.Anilkumar addressed the gathering. Later, adventurers were trained in various water activities such as Water Skiing, Water Zorbing, Waterball, board skiing, Banana Boat riding, Canoeing and Kayaking. Day ended with campfire.

On 19th, day began with exercise. At 10 AM, Rock climbing and rappelling activities began at Pandavanpara, Chengannur. Chengannur Minicipal Chairperson Smt. Suja John inaugurated the event. Counselor Deepa presided over the function and AMAS Chairman Sri. M.C. Ramadas, Deputy director Adv.Sreeja and Coordinator Lal Thomas addressed the gathering. At 3PM, shooting and archery training began and later in the evening water games were played by the campers. On the special night, District Youth Coordinator inaugurated the grand camp fire.

All faith prayer marked the start of the day on 20th Nov. The campers then went on to clean the premises of the camp site. Open session was conducted at 10AM. All campers unanimously expressed their satisfaction in the camp and events. Sadya was served at noon. At 2PM, valedictory function began, presided by Deputy Director Dr. V. Rajasesnan Nair. Alappuzha District Panchayat president Adv.U.Prathibha Hari inaugurated the function and presented the certificates and medals to the campers. AMAS Chairman Sri.M.C.Ramadas,  DYCP Member Sri.P.N.Indrasenan, District youth coordinator Sri.Jain George and AMAS Director Sri.C.Rajendran addressed the gathering. Camp dispersed with national anthem.

The camp which had all sorts of Terrestrial-Water-Air adventure activities was led by AMAS Chairman Sri.M.C.Ramadas, AMAS Director Sri. C. Rajendran, AMAS Technical Experts Sri. Tom Joseph, Anju Philip, Jayachandran, Adv. Sreeja, Sreelesh, Krishnadas, Surjith, Sandeepraj, Lal Thomas, Sandeep, Pratheesh Prathapan, Abhinav and Sreekanth.

I express my sincere gratitude to District Collector, Alappuzha, District Tourism Promotion Council, Water Transport department, KSRTC, Kerala Police, Print-Visual media and all others who helped in making this camp a grand success.

State level adventure camp – Wayanad

Nehru Yuva Kendra in association with Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports conducted state level adventure training camp from 2012 November 1st to 2012 November 7th in Wayanad District. Upbringing of adventure among youth was one of the primary objectives of the camp.

Camp which included a plethora of terrestrial-water-aerial adventure activities had 25 adventurers, selected from various parts of northern Kerala.

River crossing, at Wayanad

River crossing, at Wayanad

On the day of Keralappiravi, 2012 November 1st, 10 AM, registration began. First session briefing the aims, objectives and schedule of the camp was taken at 11 AM. This session was also utilized by the campers to familiarize with the fellow campers. At 2 PM, Wayanad District Collector Sri. K. Gopalakrishna Bhatt flagged off the Youth adventure race from Mananthavady Gandhi Park to Karlad Lake. Nehru Yuva Kendra deputy director Dr. V. Rajasesnan Nair, AMAS Chairman Sri. M. C. Ramadas and AMAS Director and camp leader Sri. C. Rajendran were present on the occasion. The race route covered Pazhassikudeeram, Pazhassi park and Kurva Island on the way to the final destination. The day concluded with camp fire, later at night.

On 02.11.2012, day began with exercises, followed by Wayanad D.F.O Sri. Dhaneshkumar flagging off the trekking to Pakshipathaalam, inside the renowned Wayanad Wildlife sanctuary. The trekkers spotted myriad species of flora and fauna, of which, some were very rare. They also visited Tirunelli, a place of historical importance and trekked through Brahmagiri hills on the Karnataka border. The trek was a one off experience for the adventurers. At night, an evaluation of the activities and campfire was conducted.

On 03.11.2012, exercise session marked the beginning of the day. Later in the early hours of the day, campers moved on to Pazhassi park to participate in the adventure base activities. Various activities such as Flying fox, river crossing, swinging valley crossing, commando net, commando bridge, monkey crawling, Burma bridge etc were a thrilling experience for the participants. River valley crossing on a single rope, across the Kabani river was an enthralling experience for the participants and viewers equally.

At 3 PM, in Mananthavady higher secondary ground, State Youth affairs minister Kumari.P.K. Jayalakshmi formally inaugurated the camp and the parasailing session. The function, presided by the Mananthavady Panchayath president Smt. Gladis Cheriyan had Nehru Yuva Kendra Deputy Director Dr.V. Rajasenan Nair, Block Panchayat Member Smt. Margaret Thomas, Mananthavady School principal Sri. K. K. Narayanan and AMAS Chairman Sri. M. C. Ramadas, addressing the audience. Nehru Yuva Kendra Wayanad District Coordinator Sri. P. B. Ramesan welcomed the gathering and AMAS Director Sri. C. Rajendran delivered the vote of thanks. The function was immediately followed by an adventurous Parasailing session on the school grounds. The day concluded with campfire at night.

On 4.11.2012, Yoga & Meditation set an interesting day on gear. The campers went on a mountain trekking to Chembra peak, the highest peak in Wayanad. Expedition was flagged off by Wayanad District Panchayat Vice President Smt. K. Devaki. The top most spot on the peak rendered an awesome scene combining visuals to the valleys of states of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The lake on top of the peak also was a reason of amusement. Later on the day, campers returned to the camp site and lights out was called after campfire.

On 05.11.2012, yet another day began with a session of yoga. Ambalavayal Panchayath President Sri. M. U. George inaugurated the rock climbing and rappelling session, at 10 AM, at Phantom rock, Ambalavayal. Panchayat member Smt.Laya Isaac presided over the function. District Panchayath member Smt. Beena Vijayan and Gramadeepam Youth Club President Sri. Soman addressed the gathering. AMAS District Coordinator Krishnadas welcomed the gathering and AMAS Deputy Director Adv.K.Sreeja delivered vote of thanks. All adventurers completed rock climbing and rappelling training by early afternoon. At 2 PM, campers visited the Ambalavayal heritage, which is a prime location depicting the culture of Wayanad District and the adivasi tribe.

On 06.11.2012, exercises were the first thing of the day. Water activities, the main attraction of the day, were scheduled at Banasura Sagar Dam at 10 AM. District Panchayath Education Standing Committee Chairman Sri. Muhammed Basheer inaugurated the event session. Padinjarethara Gramapanchayath President Smt. K. V. Naseema presided over the function. Panchayath member Sri. Jasmon, Hydel tourism director Sri. P. M. Mathayi, AMAS Chairman Sri. M. C. Ramadas and AMAS Director Sri. C. Rajendran addressed the audience. NYKNYC Sri. Arundev welcomed the gathering and AMAS Wayanad District Coordinator Sri. T. M. Rafi expressed vote of thanks. Water activities such as Banana boat riding, water zorbing, water ball, basic surfing, board ski, water ski, canoeing and kayaking followed immediately. At 2 PM, Land Zorbing, archery, rifle shooting, water games , trust fall and other types of activities were conducted. Campers concluded the fun filled adventurous day with a Grand camp fire. AMAS Chairman Sri.M.C.Ramadas inaugurated the grand camp fire.

07.11.2012, the final day of the camp, began with an all faith prayer, followed by the campers cleaning the premises of the camp site. Evaluation of the camp and Open session was conducted then. Valedictory function began at 11 AM. NYK Wayanad District DYV Sri. P. B. Ramesh distributed the certificates and mementos. AMAS Chairman Sri. M. C. Ramadas presided over the function. AMAS Deputy Director Adv.K.Sreeja presented the camp report. Camp leader Sri. C. Rajendran delivered the evaluation speech. NYK NYC Sri. Arundev welcomed the gathering and AMAS Kozhikode District Coordinator Sri. Sreelesh delivered vote of thanks. Sadya was served later, for lunch. Camp dispersed with national anthem. The camp, conducted in the district of Wayanad, popularly known as the heaven of tourists became a different and long cherished experience for the campers.

The camp was led by AMAS Chairman Sri. M.C.Ramadas, AMAS Director Sri. C. Rajendran, Wayanad NYC Sri. Arundev, AMAS Deputy Director Adv.K.Sreeja, T.M.Rafi, Sreelesh, Krishnadas, Jamsheer, Surjith, Shameen, Abhinav, Jishnu S Panicker, Adarsh, Sreekanth and Sandeep Raj.

On this occasion, I express my sincere gratitude to Wayanad District Collector, NYK Officials, Sub Collector Smt. Veena Madhavan IAS, DTPC, Forest Department Officials, Hydel Tourism Director, KSEB, District Information Office, Kerala Police, Health Department, Print-Visual media and all others who cooperated with us in making this camp a grand success.