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Academy for Mountaineering and Adventure Sports (AMAS) is a registered Charitable Organization engaged in the field of empowering youth/public in adventure, sports and all other programmes and activities, whichever my concern with Nature and Environment.

The organization is having all infrastructural facilities with advanced tools and equipments, well qualified trainers in adventure activities and sports, who had proven a good track record in accomplishing number of major multi-state multi-level youth programmes.

AMAS is having enough experience in conducting Rural, District, State and National level programmes for youth. AMAS has also been affiliated with Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF), Aero Club of India (ACI), Kerala State Youth Welfare Board (KSYWB), Department of Education, Department of Forest & Wildlife, Youth Hostels Association of Indian (YHAI), Department of Youth & Sports, Department of Local self Governments, World Wide Life Fund (WWF), Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan (NYKS) etc.

We are in constant touch with the above mentioned organizations and departments for the promotion of programmes for adolescents and youth. We are also in good relation with number of Youth Clubs Sports Associations, Sports Councils, Colleges etc. for the promotion of Adventure trainings for Youth and Public. Now we have taken a special mission focusing the Rural Youth Clubs networking throughout the state of Kerala by which our reach extends down to all parts of the state.


Aims & Objectives

  • To improve an opportunity and to create a platform for the interested youth to encounter in the challenging tasks in Trekking/Training/Awareness Camps at hills, lakes, sea side, mountains etc.
  • To create and foster a spirit of Adventure and Love for Nature by such trainings<
  • Prepare the youth emotionally, temperamentally, attitudinally and behaviourally to survive in adverse situations
  • To develop the essential qualities of their personality, confidence, self reliance, courage, team spirit, co-operation, guiding skills, communication skills etc.
  • To develop their physical and mental well-being, character, self Determination skills and make them responsible patriots and reliable citizen of the country.
  • To assess the strengths and capability, compare with the nature and environment by opening new avenues to meet the challenges.
  • To extend rescuing services to needy persons on critical crisis situations
  • To focus the youth dreams towards appropriate adaptation life skills and to mainstream them to Nation Building Missions.
  • To organize young leadership camps
  • Organize adventure clubs in schools (UP, HS, HSS, VHSS) and colleges
  • Promoting adventure programmes in air. Organize practice programmes in air adventures like para sailing, paragliding, hot air ballooning, paramotoring, aero modeling like flying, sky diving etc.
  • Organize workshops on aero modeling at state and zonal levels
  • Organizing practice on water adventure programme like Boating, Corrade rides, Kayaking, Canoeing, Banana Boat ride, Aqua sailing, Swimming Boardskee, Water skee, Water aerobics, Rafting, Bamboo rafting, Scooba diving etc.
  • Environment study and protection activities, awareness classes, study and research activities and produce short films on the topic
  • Organize practice of disaster management and the study and research activities
  • Conduct sport climbing trainings and organize sport climbing competitions.
  • Conduct practice on first aid programmes.
  • Begin branches in other districts, Kerala
  • Organize awareness programmes to satisfy public on the disasters impact of Narcotic substances
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